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Perfectly located at the heart of major academic, sporting and community facilities , Unipark offers a residential resort living

environment tailored to allow you the best opportunity or pursuing your chosen endeavour.

Your choice of architecturally designed, fully furnished 2 storey apartments perfect for your particular needs.

Set within 2 hectares of private, fully secured landscaped gardens, absolutely nothing has been overlooked.

All apartments are comfortably  furnished, and have their own fully equipped kitchen.

Each apartment contains 3 bedrooms.  Each bedroom has its own lock.

There is no need to bring anything, although you might wish to bring a television for your bedroom.

We even supply all sheets, pillows, towels etc.

Each Harvard bedroom has a window, double
bed, desk, office chair, bookcase, built-in wardrobe, Private shower and toilet.

Each Cambridge bedroom  has a window, double
bed, desk, office chair, bookcase,  built-in wardrobe and you share the bathroom and two toilets  with the other residents in the apartment.

*Free English Class is available on  every monday.

*We sometimes have full apartments available, contact us for more information.